Who I am

My name is Michael Schwehn.

I am a trained medical doctor and psychiatrist who specialised in psychotherapy. Born in 1965 I worked in different medical specialties since 1992.

In 2004 I started my own practice in Karlsruhe/Germany as a medical psychotherapist. Apart from this clinical work I used to do different jobs in the education of medical and psychological psychotherapists in various training organizations Germany. At the moment I work as a mentor in an international psychotherapeutic training scheme in Berlin (you can find out more here).

How I work

As I am trained and licensed in psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, hypnotherapeutic and systemic approaches I use many different techniques in my psychotherapeutic work. I have also a training in music therapy and much experience in body work.

But what matters most in any psychotherapy is the relationship between you and me. So I hope to work at eye level with you while creating a safe and warm space together.

I don’t do any online sessions. For my work being together in the same room is essential.


I am a generalist. You can consult me with all kinds of psychological problems, psychosomatic diseases, psychiatric disorders or somatic illnesses with psychic side effects. That includes f.e. trauma (PTSD), substance induced problems, any mood disorders and personality disorders.

Though I love to do group therapy there is no english speaking group available.

Please note that I usually do not prescribe any medication. If I counsel you to take any drugs I will do so only in the context of a ongoing psychotherapeutic process with regular sessions with me.


When you are insured in the german health insurance system all costs are covered and no extra payments are claimed. You just come along with your insurance card.

The first session is meant for clarifying your aims and possible diagnosis. Any psychotherapy paid for by the insurance system is based on a diagnosis. Without one no further consultations can take place.


If you want to contact me please send an email:

You can phone me (though it might be difficult to get in touch with me by phone):
+49 721 989 1130.

All contact is confidential.